• earrings “croste” (2018)
    silver, gold, pigment

  • ring “tippi” (2018)
    silver, oxidation, miniatures

  • rings “space junk” (2014)
    silver, pigment (left)
    oxidized silver, pressed amber (right)

  • pins “path” (2013)
    silver, epoxy resin

  • ring “de-formation” (2011)
    silver, epoxy resin, melted amber

  • brooch “danzano” (2009)
    oxidized silver, obsidian, photo,
    acrylic enamel

  • ring “untitled” (2009)
    silver, quartz, acrylic enamel

  • ring “mushy zone” (2009)
    silver, petrified lightning, acrylic enamel

  • brooch “made in china” (2004)
    gold, burnished silver, rubber

  • brooches “micro-solution for mega-problems” (2004)
    (from below to above)
    burnished silver, photo, steel
    burnished silver, gold, photo, steel
    burnished silver, photo, steel

  • pin “skiagrafie” (2008)
    burnished silver, paper

  • ring “untitled” (2012)
    oxidized silver, melted amber

  • brooch “valvola” (2020)
    oxidized silver, tube, pigment, steel


\\ contemporary jewellery

My work rests on two main ideas: construction and expression. Jewel is, for me, a temporary, transitory, nomadic micro-architecture or sculpture looking for dynamic relations with a body, an object or a space. It is the result of processes of materials’ deformation rather than the imposition of pre-determined forms on pre-given materials. Jewels are not mimetic, representational, ornamental, or narrative, but expressive constructions of material-forces, since there is no form to represent, imitate, or even invent, no story to tell; there are only forces to express, forces of nature, animal and psychic forces, trans-individual and collective social forces, forces of life.


\\ biography

Federica Pallaver: 31/12/1969, Bolzano (Italy).
After completing in 1992 her studies in goldsmithing in Florence, she further studied by working with Giampaolo Babetto in Padua (1992), following courses at the ‘Sommerakademie’ in Salzburg (Austria) with Robin Quigley (1994) and Erico Nagai (2001), in Florence at ‘Alchimia’ with Giovanni Corvaja (2006), and in Padua at ‘Pietro Selvatico’ Institute of Art with Graziano Visintin (2008).

Her works have been displayed in individual and collective exhibitions in Italy, at Prisma gallery (Bolzano), Cristiani gallery (Turin), ‘Ugo Carà’ Museum of Modern Art (Trieste), Fioretto gallery (Padua), ‘Alchimia’ (Florence), in Germany, at Oko gallery (Berlin), Schmuckfrage gallery (Berlin), Carl Weishaupt P13 gallery (Munich), in England, at the Roundhouse (London), in Lithuania, at AV17 gallery (Vilnius), in Russia, at the Amber Museum (Kaliningrad), in Austria, at ‘Der grosse Baer’ gallery (Vienna).

In 2010 she was invited to the 13. ERFURTER SCHMUCKSYMPOSIUM in Erfurt (Germany). In 2015 she was selected for the first International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent (Belgium). Since 1996 she owns her atelier in Bolzano.

\\ Awards and Grants

2009 “Alatyr”, 3. prize, International Biennal Art Award, Amber Museum, Kaliningrad (RU)
2008 “Hommage à Robert Rauschenberg” (earring), selected, Red Thread Award, Museum of Modern Art Ugo Carà, Trieste (IT)
2002 “Tragbares Besteck des 3. Jahrtausends” (necklace with three variations and clip), recognition diploma, Wurst und Schmuck Award, Weiden (DE)
2001 “Liberami” (ring), recongnition diploma, Internova Award, Bolzano (IT)
\\ Selected exhibitions

2018 Wienerschmuktage “italiano plurale – vie personali”, at Der grosse Baer gallery, Vienna (AT)
2017 Munich Jewellery week “aad”, sat Carl Weishaupt P13 gallery, Munich (DE)
2015 "The Dark Precursor", International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, Orpheus Institute, Ghent (BE)
2010 "filorosso", Museum of Modern Art Ugo Carà, Trieste (IT)
2009 “Alatyr”, Amber Museum, Kaliningrad (RU)
2008 “new play in art”, Fondazione Heller, Brescia (IT)
“contemporanei”, Fioretto gallery, Padua (IT)
\\ Exhibitions

2012 "nocturnum III”, Posthaus gallery, Naturno (IT)
“de-formations", AV17 gallery, Vilnius (LT)
2011 “svolte: tra riforma luterana e gioielli contemporanei”, Alchimia, Firenze (IT)
2010 “13° Erfurter Schmucksymposium”, Kulturhof zum Güldenen Krönbacken, Erfurt (DE), Gallerie Schmuckfrage, Berlin (DE,) Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein (DE)
2009 "Alatyr 2009", Museum of Modern Art Ugo Carà, Trieste (IT)
2008 “skiagrafie”, Carambolage theater, Bolzano (IT)
2007 “Guarda un Po'”, Boretto - Gualtieri - Guastalla, Reggio Emilia (IT);
“Yoko Shimizu – Federica Pallaver”, Oko gallery, Berlin (DE)
2001 "Haiku from Southtyrol”, Roundhouse, London (UK)
1998 Cristiani gallery, Torino (IT)
1997 Prisma gallery, Bolzano (IT)
\\ Collections

2009 "fantasmi elettrici”, Amber Museum, Kaliningrad (RU)
\\ Bibliography

2017 The dark Precursor: Deleuze and artistic Research, Leuven University Press, (BE)
2010 Alpenrosen, Jahreszeitschrift für Frauenkultur, Bolzano (IT)
Rings book, promopress, Barcelona (ES)
\\ Symposium

2010 13° Erfurter Schmucksymposium, Erfurt (DE)

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