• Variazioni termosensibili

    \\ Variazioni termosensibili

\\ Variazioni termosensibili
(2016 - work in progress)

This artistic research project explores the immanent genesis of forms (morphogenesis) as basis of jewelry-making. Its starting point is the creation of a series of objects through heat-induced deformations of a thermoplastic material such as heat-shrink tubing. The objects were then reworked in metal. The result is a series of jewels, the forms and textures of which emerge as thermic variations of the material.

  • ring/brooch (2017)

    silver, pigment, steel
  • ring (2016)

    oxidized silver, pigment
  • postcard (2016)

  • brooch (2017)

    silver, pigment, steel
  • brooch (2016)

    oxidized silver, glassy material, rubber, steel

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