\\ manimani (2002)

What’s beautiful? Despite its internal harshness – what is the Darwinian principle of natural selection, if not the law of survival of the fittest/strongest? – nature is often idealized and identified exclusively with beauty and life.
Humans believe they are the owners of nature, and with the help of technological invasions and optimism they accelerate a general process of destruction in the name of money and against life.
Everything around us increasingly takes an artificial aspect, redefining the prevailing aesthetic values.
I collected small acorns during my walks and transformed them into wearable objects, able to fix the autumn’s colours, the time of their irremediable fall which, alone, allows to free up space for new life.
Stopping that moment, also capturing the glimpses of that day’s sky: a shred of tree bark that becomes a frame of a wider sequence and an intricate network of relationships between natural and artificial elements.
Perhaps beautiful is the continuous force of nature and its ruthless mechanisms of connecting suffering and death to meaning, in a continuous flow, which I liked to break, maybe to understand.

In the video I wanted to focus on some aspects of the natural world and human nature itself. Of the latter in particular, the hands and the complex activities and handling skills that are solicited daily are highlighted. Of this somatic tool, which serves as a link in the relationship with a large amount of exosomatic tools (i.e., techniques), I wanted to emphasize the plastic harmony in the movements, which, in some cases, can fill the sense of words and sentences. I particularly remember the elegance and sweetness of my mother’s hands, capable of giving love also by talking about something else.


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